Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - Round 2 - Week 10

Well, it came and went. The first round of the 10 year high school reunions was this weekend (I went to 2 high schools). I lost another pound! That is a total of 16 pounds since re-starting my weight loss plan and 65  pounds since baby M was born. I am now only 5 pounds away from my goal weight! It feels great. It was so fun to be able to go to the reunion and feel great about the way I looked rather than be self concious. I now have just over a month until the next reunion, I really want to be at my goal weight for that one! This one will be with the people that I went to school with from 6th-11th grade. It will be great to see everyone.

Here is a pic taken right before the reunion this weekend:


Unknown said...

You are look great!

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