Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - Round 2, Week 2!

I recently recommitted to staying fit! I was weighing in with you all on weekly basis a few months ago. Then, after losing 55 pounds (but still 15 away from my pre-baby goal), I gave up - and I gained back 8 pounds! I am now back on track and on round 2 of getting back to my pre-baby weight and in even better shape than I was before I got pregnant. Last week I did my first weigh in for round 2. Last week I reported a 3 pound weight loss. Since then, I have lost 2.4 more pounds for a total of 5.4 pounds. I am now 16 pounds away from my goal weight! Yay! I can do this! I have two 10 year high school reunions this summer that I want to be looking good for. One is in June, so I don't think I will be at goal weight. But, the other is in July and I really think I can be there by then!

I kept up with my commitment to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred! I will be doing day 14 tonight. I would be on day 15, but I had a really bad day last week where I had a personal issue come up and I was also slammed busy with work. So, I did miss 1 day. But, I'd day that working out for 14/15 days is not a bad start toward my fitness goals. I am now officially on level 2 and man it is HARD! But, I am pushing through it. I am also still using daily. I have logged in for 15 days and stayed under my calorie goal! Having friends on there that see my daily reports is very motivating. I have 3 friends that I was pregnant with that are also working toward their fitness goals, and we didn't even plan it! I guess we all just decided that enough was enough and we were ready to get back to being in better shape. I hope that we can all stick with it and meet our goals.

I still didn't find time to take any pictures of myself. I will try to do that this week so that you all can see my progress.


Brittany W. said...

Keep it up, Brooke! Your motivation is totally helping me over here. I am with you on level 2. We have two months until the first reunion! Wow! <3

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