Thursday, December 1, 2011

Top Parenting Blog Award Nominee - eCollege Finder

I am so honored to have been nominated for the Top Parenting Blog Award from eCollege Finder! eCollegeFinder, an established online education resource representing over 120 accredited online institutions, began hosting a series of Top Blogger Awards in early 2010. The winners of the awards are listed on our website to provide students with a pool of resources to help them get through their college years. Our goal in hosting the awards is to enrich students while giving high-quality blogs the recognition they deserve. You can view the awards we’ve given in the past at

Many of the students who visit their site are mothers and fathers returning to school. The Top Parenting Blogs Award was created to provide these students with a collection of helpful and encouraging blogs from other parents that share their situation. The nominees include blogs that address how to thrive as a mom or dad, through thick and thin, while keeping a sense of humor, remaining green, healthy, frugal, crafty, working, going to school, or just staying sane!

So, you can imagine how excited I was to see that Brookie's Baby Bargains was nominated for an award like this! Even if I don't win, being nominated was a big honor. I know all the losers of awards say that, but I really mean it.

As part of my nomination, I was asked to answer the following question:

Q: What inspirational words or advice can you provide our student parents?
A: I know as students, it is our instinct to research, research research! As a parent, this has given me a lot of great information, but has also caused a lot of un needed stress. As with anything that we research, keep your source in mind. Don't use google! This is not a scholarly source, anyone can post whatever they want on the internet! Make sure to consult doctors and trusted websites with your questions only so that you don't freak yourself out and convince yourself that you are doing something wrong. My mom always told me "Trust your instincts and do your best", that will be more than enough for your child.

Kuddos to all of you who are students AND parents. I was lucky enough to be able to do them separately, or I would have been a complete stress case. My husband is a new first time father and also a student. He amazes me every day. You are all an inspiration.


Brooke said...

I won! Yay! You can see me on the list, read a little about my blog, and read some advice that I gave to the students by visiting this link. :) Fun! I love winning.

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