Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elf On A Shelf Christmas Tradition

As promised, here is my Elf On A Shelf post. :) I wrote about Christmas Traditions not too long ago and decided to start the Elf On A Shelf tradition this year for M's first Christmas. We decided to use elves that we already had that are heirlooms from my husband's grandma that were passed on to her from her parents. We were so excited to honor her memory by using the elves as part of a new Christmas tradition with our daughter, who was also named after his grandmother (her middle name is also baby M's middle name).

Since baby M is too little to find the elves, we help her. I'll hide the elves one day and my husband will help M find them and then the next day he will hide them and I will help M find them. We didn't get too creative with it since we are late in the game. Next year we will get really into it since M will know more about what is going on.

Here are just a few of the elves hiding places. We still have many days until Christmas to think of some more ideas. Do you have any suggestions?