Monday, November 14, 2011

Make Your Own Monday - Decorative Vase

Glass vase, spray paint, rubberbands and tea light candles = fun project!!! Check out more pictures and tutorials for this project I did over at the Roberts Crafts blog! This is a really fun home decor idea for the holidays or even a great gift idea for Christmas! It was fun, cheap, fast and easy!


Sarah g said...

What a great idea :-) I've been looking around for craft ideas for Christmas! Did you use a special spray paint for this?

Brooke said...

I just used the spray paint that my husband already had. :) I have no idea what brand it was. It was cheap from wal-mart I think.

frugalmommieof2 said...

This is so neat!

I'm stopping by from the Tues Friend Connect hop. I'm following by GFC and facebook. I'd love if you stopped by my blog.

Have a great day!


decorative vases said...

It's the time of year that begs for more light, so provide it with lustrous vases. Depending on the materials you use, the result can throw as much sparkle and shine as the original. And throw some light on, this New Year.

Metal Wall Art said...

A flower vase must always complement with the flower arrangement or else it can ruin the beauty of your home. It is very awful to see long stemmed flowers in a short vase or the other way around.

wall art said...

A vase is a dual decorative piece, in that it serves as a container for flowers, or other natural attractive plants, and yet at the same time, a vase can easily be displayed as the cornerstone piece of a decorative scheme, even without flowers.

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