Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monthly Weigh In! I'm LAME!!!

I haven't weighed in with all of you for weeks! I have been too ashamed. I type this as my belly is full of a half a box of girl scout cookies! lol. I was at my parent's house tonight and they had 10 boxes! I couldn't resist! I was good with my diet again for about a week. I was eating all fruits, veggies, grains etc. I was following my Weight Watchers plan.... then a terrible thing happened... my dishwasher broke! I am way too lazy to wash dishes by hand and so is my husband. So, we have been opting to eat out more! I know, we are terrible!
The bonus of all of this is that I haven't gained weight. I haven't lost weight either - but at least I am maintaining. I am still going for regular stroller walks as well, but it is getting colder and I have a feeling that won't last much longer. At this time last year, my yard was covered in a foot of snow. So, I am not expecting to be able to exercise in the outdoors for much longer!
So here is my reality check. I have 3.5 months to lose 15 pounds in order to get to my prepregnancy weight before baby M's first birthday. Here is the dilemma, I am trying to decide if I even care anymore. I am happy at this weight. I am confident. I have lost 55 pounds, everyone comments on how much weight I have lost. I look in the mirror, and I see ME (not the version of me that was 50+ pounds ago). I want to stay in shape (or get in shape lol) and maintain.... but do I really need to lose more weight? Is it ok to be 15 pounds heavier after having a baby and be ok with it? Am I giving up? Should I post an "after" picture and let you see? Or, should I wait until I hit my goal? I NEED ADVICE!

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mrs.monica @ RTP_inHeels said...

If you feel good there is nothing wrong with a new "normal". Plus weight is just a number. Your body has changed so much since pregnancy, your body might look better at this weight. I say, be happy, enjoy your baby, and be proud of your already amazing weight loss! Also, sometimes when you stop trying or thinking so hard...the weight comes off on its own. GL!

Kari said...

I think it depends on what makes you happy. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I wasn't happy there before so I'm trying to lose. It's only giving up if you really want to lose more but just don't feel like it and it doesn't sound like that is where you are at. Good luck!

Malia said...

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Brittany W. said...

Bestie Brooke,
You do look like your HAPPY confident self now! I'm so glad you found her. I would say.. that putting a time in your day (even like 3 days/wk) for exercising is just a good habit and will help you maintain. Plus, who doesn't like to get a little more tone! You will continue to feel good for awhile if you let Jillian kick your butt during one of M's naps!!! :) or just do something else more 'fun'. But schedule it and you'll feel so good that you do it. That's the point I got to and it has been working, regardless of losing 'weight'. (Ok, that last part is totally something I wrote that someone just told me that I don't believe--haha!)

Skylar Magazine said...

Aww, you're not lame, I love Girl Scout cookies and I would do the same thing. Especially those Thin Mints, I could eat an entire box of those things. I would give you advice on this, but I struggle in this area myself. I'm just going to read the advice the commentors have left for you. Anyway, I'm Sarah, I just started following through GFC. I found your blog through the Thirsty Thursday blog hop and I wanted to invite you to stop by my blog and follow back. Thanks:)


Queentob said...

All I heard in that post was that you saw YOU and that is all that matters. We should not decide what makes you feel good, if you feel good then your size does not matter. (I do believe in being a healthy weight though..and try to rememeber that it is not my weight but my health that matters most ESP. Now as a mommy of two)
image is such a hard thing to battle, just look down at your beautiful creation and be content. New follower from ml bloggers club

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