Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Weigh In - Weeks 9-10

I lost 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I was a little bit more lax over the past 2 weeks. :( I still ate healthy and went on walks, but I wasn't tracking what I was eating or exercising much more than just going on walks. I am glad that I still lost, and I have now officially lost 20 pounds since I started weight watchers and 55 pounds since baby M was born. I only have 15 pounds left until I am at my pre-baby weight. I did finally buy myself some new jeans. I still never got that pedicure that I earned for meeting my ten pound goal. :( But, I did just get a night out with the girls this weekend that I had earned for my 15 pound goal and got a new pair of jeans to wear when we went out, which was my 20 pound goal reward. So, I do still owe myself a pedicure. I have 5 more pounds to lose before I get a shopping spree for some new clothes! Hopefully I will be down another size by then. I am right on the edge of being the next size down, in some brands I am, and in some brands I'm not. Hopefully by the time I lose the 5 pounds, I will be the size I want to be for my shopping spree, if not, I may change my goal to be that size before I spend money on clothes. 
It feels so good to be meeting my goals! I love that I am closer to my goal that I am to my heaviest weight. I am hoping to never be that size again, unless I get pregnant again, but that is not the plan. Even if I were to get pregnant again, I would try very hard to not let myself gain 70 pounds again. It has just not been fun trying to lose it all again. 
I think I may start doing Turbo Fire with a friend in the next week or so in order to kick start my workout routines. I didn't stick with the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred the way that I wanted to. It is just SO HARD! But, I know the results are worth it. I have a friend that is doing it that has lost 12 pounds in just a few weeks! What work out routines do you do that really work for you?
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Ii$h4 said...

Great job Brooke! I've been on WW before and plan to go back on it after my little one comes. It's a great program that delivers results with or without working out. Of course exercise always helps-I'm a big fan of Taibo-30-45min done everyday can really make a difference. I was doing Power 90 before I got pregnant and although it was difficult it did feel good. Good luck and keep up the good work!

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