Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Weigh In - Weeks 6 & 7

Hello everyone! This week's Weekly Weigh In will be for 2 weeks, I missed last week's weigh in because we had a friend in town and took him up to the Alpine Slide, Zip Line and Alpine Coaster in Park City. It was an AMAZING time! I just didn't have my blog or my diet on my mind! I did pretty well to eat healthy foods while our friend was in town, but I will admit that I didn't take the time to track what I was eating. I also will admit that I didn't find time to work out in the midst of all of the fun we were having. This week I got back on track with writing down what I ate and tracking my points, but I didn't do much more to work out other than taking baby M for a few walks. 
I was expecting this week's weigh in to be like last week's, no loss and no gain. I was pleasantly surprised to get on the scale today and see that I lost 3.5 pounds and met my 15 pound goal! Yay! I never got my pedicure for meeting my last goal, but I did buy a new outfit for myself instead, so I will need to go and get a pedicure soon for meeting this goal, OR I might let myself get a new (well new to me, I usually shop at consignment shops for the bargain) pair of designer jeans! 
I tried on a pair of old jeans last night (my transition pants that I keep for when I am between my goal weight and my heavy weight). I had kept these jeans after I lost the weight last time because I was hoping to get pregnant some day and knew I would gain the weight back and would need my transition pants. I am sure glad I kept them! They are 2 sizes smaller than the pants that I bought post pregnancy when I finally gave in and bought "fat pants". (I was so tired of wearing maternity pants after my baby was 2 months old, so I gave in and bought pants that were 5 sizes bigger than my pants before I got pregnant, I gained 70 pounds  during my pregnancy). So, now I am happy to report that my fat pants are 2 sizes too big and now I fit into my transition pants!!!! Hopefully in a few short months I will fit into my skinny jeans! But, my transition pants were purchased in 2009 and are not really in style and are pretty worn out. So, I may just go and buy myself a pair of pants in this new size that are also in style so that I feel good about myself when I wear them, plus it'll be a reward for meeting my 15 pound goal!


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