Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terrible Teething! 10 Natural Remedies

Baby M recently added 2 pearly whites to her beautiful smile, aren't they cute? As she was going through the main few days of her teething pain, we were at a loss for what to do to help her since FDA has recently advised against teething pain relievers containing benzocaine (main ingredient in most over the counter teething gels). If you MUST use a teething gel, Baby Orajel has come out with a new naturals line that is alcohol, dye, and benzocaine free. I haven't tried it, I wanted to go the more natural route. But, I am interested to hear if anyone has tried it and liked it.

Here are a few pieces of advice that we were given that are natural ways (and by natural, I mean not drugs) to treat teething pain. I hope that you find them helpful.

1) Sophie the Giraffe by Vulli. Baby M has Sophie and loves her! She loves to chew on her face, neck and legs. The coloring on Sophie is made of all food ingredients. This is a toy that has been around for ages, and babies of many generations have loved her.

2) Raz-Berry Teether. This one is just a little too big for M's mouth, but she is learning to like it. The stimulating multi-textures help to soothe gums.

3) Cold Wash Cloths. We did not try this one yet, but I intend to when M is teething again.

4) Chilled, but never frozen teething rings and toys.

5) Amber teething necklaces and anklets. Many people swear by these. M has an anklet, I don't know if it was one of the things that helped or not, but it sure looked cute on her. It is said that baltic amber has natural healing powers.

6) Smart Mom's Teething Bling! This is a necklace that you can wear that has a teether on it that looks like a stone! You are in style, and baby has something to chew on that is safe. I wasn't going to try this at first because I didn't want M to think it was ok to grab and chew on jewelry, but she was doing it anyway - EVERY time she saw one on me or one of her Grandmas. So, I got one, she LOVES it! I wear it everyday. It gives her something to play with when I am carrying her around, it never gets dropped, and it looks good too.

7) Mesh feeder filled with frozen fruits and vegetables. I may try this one next time. M is now old enough to eat and taste solid foods. We have the mesh feeder too and she loves it, so why not?

8) Wooden teething toys. I don't know.... seems weird to me. Anyone tried it? My first thought is that I would be worried about her getting a splinter. lol.

9) Ice cubes (made with water or breast milk) made into a slushy. Hmmm.... maybe. This one didn't cross my mind as something to try.

10) Teething blanket. I don't know about your baby, but M LOVES to chew on her blankets. I got her a blanket meant for teething that has different textures on it to help sooth teething. She LOVES it.

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mrs.monica @ RTP_inHeels said...

Great ideas! I love that little blanket, and swear by the mesh feeders with DS! Thanks for the tips!

One Cool Lunch said...

When my daughter was little I used Hylands teething tablets, they are all natural homeopathic tablets and they really helped.
New follower from the Thirsty Thursday Hop, would love a follow back!

jenni said...

my girlies loved the raseberry passy, I also used corn on the cob cobs, and rib bones, I know crazy huh? But my gma always said its good for them, and they like gumming it cuz it tasted good lol! ;)

wanted to stop by and say hi :)and glad your blog is comming along nicely!!

Kaspars said...

i can recommend these for teething.
our daughter was an absolute nightmare with her teeth until we tried this. she has been wearing it since she was 8 months old and we haven't looked back since. i never take hers off, she sleeps with it on too. i have heard from a few people that take their lo's necklaces off at night and they all say that they still get sleepless nights due to teething. i think that they should be worn 24hrs a day. i feel quite happy that they are not a choking hazard. the necklace has a low breaking strain so if it had to get caught on something(an unlikely occurence) then it would snap. if it were to snap for any reason, each bead has been double knotted on, so that they wouldn't all fall off. i got mine off an Latvian Amber store. it was $15, so not expensive at all.


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