Wednesday, July 20, 2011

100 Followers Giveaway - Preview

As soon as I hit 100 followers, I will launch my first ever giveaway hosted on my blog! This album gives a sneak peek into some of the items that will be featured! 

First prize:
Baby nest stork sack, $45 value
Knot top hat in oatmeal, 0-3 month size, $15 value
Zebra mohawk hat, 4T-10T, $25 value

 Second Prize:
Aviator Hat, 0-3 month, brown, $20 value

Third Prize: 
50% off coupon code at

Sponsor: Lovin2Bead 
Prize: Hand Beaded Mommy & Me Jewelry Kit and Binki Holder

Prize: Tutu & Matching Bow in colors of your choice from in stock tulle

Sponsor: Rad Scents
Prize: Scentsy Plug In Warmer of your choice

Sponsor: Vintage 53
Prize: Decorative Photo Holder, 4 colors to choose from

Sponsor: Lights 106
Prize: Fitted Cloth Diaper, 4 prints to choose from

Sponsor: Buggy Wraps
Prize: 1 Buggy Wrap (In color of your choice)

We are at 93 followers on the blog right now, so spread the word! As soon as we hit 100 we will open the giveaway!!!


The Starwarsmamma said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and following my blog I'm here to do the same. Your blog looks great I'll definitely be checking it out. Good luck with your giveaway (I'll keep an eye out for that to open too)

Amy said...

Very cool goodies you are going to give away! I am sure you will hit lucky number 100 soon :D

jessicaclarke said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm already a follower:) Love your blog. Congrats on almost reaching 100 I'm sure u will be there soon

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have a invite code for rafflecopter if you want to email me I can get you up

Twingle Mommy said...

That is the cutest diaper cover I've ever seen! I would never put pants over something so cute!

Minnesota Momma said...

thx for stopping by! love the blog i would love to partner up and spread the CD love! If your interested check out it a good way to send out your post to 1000's of twitter followers if you like it shoot me an email or blog post i can invite you. :)

Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar said...

Ooooooh! Can't wait for you giveaway!!! So much awesome goodness.

Lacey [The Southern Mommy Chronicles] said...

Ohhh so many goodies! Can't wait for the giveaways! Are we going to get a sneak peak at how to enter each one?

Brooke said...

Lace, hopefully I will just get those last 4 followers (that seem to be taking forever) really quick and you won't need a sneak peek because they giveaways will be up. But, here is a hint, liking fb, following blogs and twitter, tweeting, blogging, visiting etsy and artfire sites and saying your favorite item that they sell are all in the mix for entries. :) Also, there is a mandatory entry on all the giveaways to follow this blog.
I am so excited! Only 4 more followers to go!!!!

Brooke Buhl said...

Hey Brooke...we are two of a kind! I found your blog while blog cute! I am your newest follower. I recently started a blog for inspired mommies...take a peak at
I think we have a lot in common besides our names. Maybe we can link eachother in soon! Hope you get to 100 soon!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the follow! I am following you back, I can't wait for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

I am number 100 wahoo thanks for doing this

Brooke said...

kbird.... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! You are my favorite follower right now. :) Want to know something weird, you are the 12th comment on this post too and 12 is my favorite number and you are the 100th follower! Also, my daughter was born on the 12th (and it was my favorite number before then too). Yay!

Stacy said...

I am a new follower!
I am stopping in from the Super Stalker Sunday hop!
Thanks for stopping by my Blog!

Baby Feeding Bottles said...

I am a new follower!

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